How it works

Powerenergydirectory is a single top-of-the-line data resource for showcasing, searching and finding all information about Power & Energy stakeholders in one place with their contact details, website submissions & product offerings. It facilitates stakeholders to get featured on the Directory with their locations/contact details and references in a standard searchable format for products, services and website submission. As value add-ons to this, details of ongoing & upcoming national and international sector events, including seminars, workshops and trade exhibitions, product and technology reviews in Power & Energy space will also get featured. is designed to be the premier B-2-B Business Directory for all of Power & Energy sector-specific searches in one place. The On-line Directory is designed to help stakeholders to submit their official and business listings under specific, easy-to-search navigations. At the same time, it is designed to help the Directory-users too, to find by name, location, product or service whatever and whenever they need.
Keeping these two ends in view, you may

  • Submit, get featured & be find features and
  • Search and find the stakeholders with all their relevant details.

This is how it works for :


By getting featured on Power & Energy Directory you gain visibility as well as business by leading relevant callers/ visitors to your listing on the Directory.

If you have to know how to create a listing go Submit Directory Entry

You may fillin, 

  • Title
  • Address
  • Categories/Sub Categories
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Tags

In case you find your Power & Energy Directory listing (already listed) needs a change, you can edit by submiting the changes to update your directory entry







Premium Listing :


  • By Category
  • By Product/ Service
  • By Location

Simply put, is a one-point stop for Browse, Search and Find all details connected with Power & Energy sectors
So, once you are on Search pages, choose particular category/ subcategory/ item


Here is a sample search sequence :

Suppose you are searching for cables wires, you can search in two ways
1) Normal Search

2) Filter Search

Normal Search :

In Normal Search you can search using the name of the Category/Company and location, then you get the searches on a page or different pages of the directory

Filter Search :

In filter search, First choose the sector from the sector list then you select the category from the list, next the sub category then select the entities from the list.

According to these selections search the display

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