1.How do I submit my business on the site?

Ans: Please go to Submit Directory Entry  and furnish details in the form to add a business listing. When submission is complete an automatic email will be sent to the business email address provided by you indicating that the initial submission process is complete and verification will be done. Verification will ensure that the information is authentic and duplicates are removed.

2.How can I get changes effected to my Powerenergy Directory listing?

The  Update your Directory Entry option allows you to search for a self-populated existing version of the Directory presently available in your Company name. Changes can be effected with the form given being filled, once submitted the verification will begin.

3.What are the categories/classifications under which I can place my listing on the Directory and how do I decide the same?

Ans: The categories and sub-categories are listed under each major sector as per Submit Directory Entry   . You may go through the same and decide under what category you wish to be listed. Your Company may get listed under different categories provided you have relevant product categories.

4.Can I submit a picture/logo for my product listing?

Ans:  As on date, under ordinary listing there is no provision to provide any image or logo. All images and logos will be featured under premium and  paid category listings.

5.How often is the Directory updated?

Ans:   The Directory is updated on an ongoing basis as online submissions are made and verified. Once in a year, Synergy will endeavor to carry out a notification process about the Directory and its submission norms as a reminder to keep information up to date.

6.Is the Directory, now in the Web format available in hard copy format too?

Ans:     The Directory is  presently available only in the View Format on Web and is meant to be                      online. It is not intended for resale or for commercial use. See the relevant disclaimer clauses on the site.

7.What is the procedure for submitting and publishing premium and other  paid listing on the Power Energy Directory?

Ans:  Details of procedure for premium and paid listings are given under different plans featured on the Directory site. Procedure for submissions is also detailed therein.

8.What are the benefits of paid listings over plain listings?

Ans: Business listings provide better focus about the Company; products and services to viewers and naturally attract business enquiries multifold in comparison to plain free listings.

9.What are the different categories of paid listings and plans for the same?

Ans:  For various categories of paid listings visit Price Plans page on the Directory.

10.What are the Advertorial Features on Synergy Power & Energy Directory?

Ans:  Advertorial Features on the Directory are special product and services related campaign which companies may wish to run. Specific instances could be New Product launches, about niche categories of products and services. No doubt these Advertorial features which run on more than one web page will fetch enormous Revenue

11.Explain the nature of sponsored Webinars featured on Synergy Power& Energy Directory with brief terms and conditions

Ans:  Please visit the Directory web page for details of features of the sponsored webinars by Synergy.

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