Power & Energy Sectors – The Backbones of National Economy

Power sector is a crucial, basic infrastructure on which country’s economic development and well being largely depends on. The economic health of a country is correlated to and broadly indicated by the parameters of consumption, affordability and security inherent in its Power sector. Also the country’s Energy sector which in its wider perspective includes Coal, Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Hydro and Renewable Energy sectors is crucial not only to the development of the Power sector but for many other economic sectors as well, such as transport, steel, cement and others. In all, it needs no emphasis that Power & Energy sectors, as mega sectors of Indian economy, are of paramount importance to welfare of the nation and of its burgeoning and fast emerging populace on the world economic landscape.

Power & Energy Sectors in India, as featured in this Power & Energy Directory, comprise of the following Subsectors/Categories and Divisions/Subcategories













Renewable Energy

Solar PV

Solar Thermal


Mini & Micro Hydro

Waste to Energy

Bio Gas

Bio Fuels

Bio Mass


Central & State Ministries

State Power Companies and State Electricity Boards

Regulatory Commissions and Bodies/Boards

Private Sector Companies

Project Implementers





Exporters and Importers

Maintenance and Service Providers

Importance Of Value Chain

Importance Of Value Chain

The value chains in the crucial sectors of power and energy  in India have evolved organically as well as reactively over the last five decades, in relation to the demands of a fast emerging economy like ours. Structures of State Bodies, Private enterprises, Regulators and others engaged in the two sectors have undergone changes–monoliths are being unbundled, supply and value chains from generation to consumers getting refined and redefined, projects and services in the sectors have become more specialized and organized with the roles of agencies getting clearer by the day. There is tremendous expansion in the quantum and quality of transactions along the sectoral and sub sectoral value chains. In essence, number of players in the sectors has grown manifold and their transactions within and outside their own operating domains be it procurement, sales, transfers or anything else valuable have multiplied in geometric matrices.

Primacy of Data, Information & Communication

In an increasingly networked and interactive world that we are in, crucial information and data about the sectoral players themselves and their intercommunication with one another assumes great importance. A data-base of sector-players for purposes of listing and getting featured as well as for getting searched and getting referred to, is essential for enhancing the value and efficiency of the supply chains in the sectors. A single sector-specific comprehensive database and data-source in the form, of a Directory for Power & Energy sectors, is perceived to be essential. This Directory from Synergy Publications group precisely aims to do this.

Synergy’s Power & Energy Directory

Synergy’s Power & Energy Directory aims to be an all-encompassing compendium about all stakeholders who are a part of these two mega sectors. With its well structured submission, featuring and search options, it endeavors to serve both types of stakeholders those who want to get featured on the Power & Energy Directory as well as those who want to search and reach the featured ones usefully and definitively through the Directory. In a nutshell, service providers, suppliers, sellers and others on the one hand and consumers, clients and buyers on the other, get served on a single dynamic platform.

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